Borough Cricket

Borough Cricket
Middlesex Borough Cricket

Borough cricket is the only players pathway into county age group cricket

Supported by The Middlesex Cricket Trust

Harrow U14s Middlesex Borough Champions 2013

Harrow U10s & 12s Middlesex Borough Semi-Finalists 2013

Harrow U10s, U12s & U14s League Winners 2016

Harrow U12s & U14 Winners 2017


It's important that clubs within the Borough of Harrow understand the process of selecting the correct cricketers in their clubs that meet our selection guidelines. The documents below will help provide all the information that will help you meet your needs and provide the best process for player to be identified and developed. It's also important that club's, player's and parents understand how we plan to operate under the borough banner during.

Please click on the PDF files below for further information regarding our talent identification process.

Harrow Borough Development.pdf

Talent Identification.pdf

HB Squad Benchmarks.pdf


The Middlesex Borough Championships will allow talented players to play with, and against, players of a similar playing standard from clubs across the County who aspire to move to the next level of the player pathway. Borough Cricket will act as the platform for talent identification for Ark Regional cricket, the selection vehicle for County cricket.This system aims to provide a transparent journey for players to be identified and thus given the maximum opportunity to reach their potential.


Forward planning is very important as we look towards next season. We need to identify the players early and have the opportunity of watching them train or play indoor cricket with their clubs across the winter months. For our players to flourish within our borough set up we need to develop the correct system with the key components in place. These include the organisation and management of our selection process, training and management of matches, the players, the coaches, and the facilities for training and playing. We also need to agree and provide dates earlier to avoid clashes during our busy summer cricket programme.

Talent Identification:

It’s important that clubs nominate players that meet the suggested skills requirements to be able to compete at a higher level within the borough programme. Accurate identification of cricket talent is important because it helps establish players who have the correct attributes for success in cricket. Having these players involved in borough cricket will help raise the overall standard, quality and profile of cricket within the borough competition.


Selecting a squad or team is always a matter of opinion and no coach can be certain in advance that he/she has selected the best combination of players. There are certain requirements that are necessary in choosing the best squad or team.
Ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of players, both in technique and temperament. A format for observing, analysing and collecting information about players.

This will allow us to inform those players not selected as to why they were not chosen and where they need to make improvements.

Selection Format:

Provide clubs with skill requirement for borough selection.
Invite clubs to nominate players and provide player profile.
Look at players across their winter training or indoor league matches.
Consider where possible players playing records and comments from clubs.
Observe players in club matches to analyse skill levels.
Observe players in an open wicket situation to evaluate their performance in a match situation.