Harrow Borough Cricket - Player's Conduct

Play The Game

Play The Game

Take pride in yourself and in your dress and appearance. Look like a cricketer.

If you are fielding let the captain lead the team onto the field. If you are batting the batters should wait for the fielding side before walking smartly to the wicket.

The umpire's decision is final. Showing dissent only creates embarrassment and brings shame to everyone. Accept a decision and get on with the game.

All decisions on the field must be made through the captain. Stay in position. Don't wander. Be alert at all times. Stay in the game by
receiving the ball as it is transferred by hand through the field, or by backing up at the wicketkeeper's or bowler;s end. Don't turn your back on the ball.

Sledging and/or swearing are not part of the game. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.

While fielding never sit on the field; only a tired or beaten player sits down.

If someone drops a catch or makes a fielding error, don't make it worse by giving the player a hard time because he/she will drop it the next time as well. Be positive - Hard luck! You'll catch the next one will produce better results in the long run.

If you make a mistake, recover quickly (a dropped catch can still lead to a run out).

Support your bowlers. Walk in with them. Stay low in catching positions. Keep the ball in the air when returning to the bowler. Treat every ball as though it will come to you.

Offer positive support and encouragement,

Congratulate a batter on a good innings.

When watching your own batters, show your appreciation of good strokes and smart running between the wickets. Your positive vibes will encourage them further.

When you are dismissed while batting, don't stand around or dawdle off the field dragging your bat. Walk smartly off the field.

When leaving the field for breaks or at the end of the innings, your best performed bowlers should leave the field first. Otherwise it should be the captain.

Look after the umpires.

If you are 12th man be aware of your requirements. You are still part of the team.

At the end of the game thank the umpires and scores, and acknowledge the efforts of your opponents.