Harrow Borough Cricket - Funding


Sources of Grant Aid

Cricket being heavily dependent on good facilities and infrastructure means that most clubs and organisations will require external funding to supplement their own resources from time to time. This section identifies sources of grant aid that may be available to Middlesex organisations from within cricket, from bodies known to sustain sport generally, through London borough connections, and from many other national charitable trusts whose objectives could imply potential support for sport.

Middlesex Cricket Trust (MCT) provides grants for the purchase or refurbishment of nets and non-turf pitches, for mobile net cages, bowling machines and Colts festivals, up to a maximum of £5000 in a calendar year. Club coaching bags are also available on the recommendation of the MCB Development team.

Download the MCT grant form (PDF).

The Lord’s Taverners is accredited as the national charity for recreational cricket, and in furtherance of youth and junior cricket supplies cricket equipment bags (5 sizes), grants for nets and non-turf pitches (max £6000), and, exceptionally, funding for new junior competitions and coaching schemes.

The Brian Johnston Memorial Trust provides scholarships to promising young cricketers recommended by the ECB Performance department. It also offers grants to organisations which promote cricket for visually impaired and blind players.

ECB provides grants and loans for affiliated and appropriately qualified clubs, for a range of capital projects which improve club facilities.

EGAP (ECB’s Grant Aid Programme) offers grants to Focus clubs with Clubmark accreditation, who will have evidenced their requirements in their annual development plans submitted to MCB. Currently, grants are restricted to projects which directly support the development of either women’s and girls cricket or for those with disabilities.

The Machinery Fund, which supports the purchase of new ground maintenance equipment, has been re-opened. Applications are processed in the Spring.

Interest-free loans of up to £50,000 for a maximum of 5 years are still available for affiliated clubs running a junior section from the England and Wales Cricket Trust. Any loan would be capped at 75% of the total cost.

Full details of all the eligible projects for the above schemes can be found in the publication “Sources of Grant Aid and Funding for Cricket Clubs” which can be downloaded from the ECB website under the site directory heading “Publications”.

Applications for any of the above sources of help have to be initiated by the MCB Development team through ECB’s Single Investment System (SIS). Contact the MCB Administrator james.keightley@middlesexccc.com to identify the person responsible for clubs in your borough.

MCB The Board has also operated its own Facilities Fund in recent years with monies provided by the County Club, offering support for the cost of sightscreens, covers, ground equipment and pitch improvement projects. Reserves were low but are due to be augmented, so requirements could be discussed with the MCB Chairman or the Cricket Development Manager, via the MCB Administrator james.keightley@middlesexccc.com