Harrow Borough Cricket - Coaching Structure

Borough Coaching Structure

Harrow Borough Coaching Structure


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For cricket to flourish within our borough set up we need to develop a quality cricket system which incorporates all or most of the elements comprising of the key components. This will include the organisation and management of squad selection, training, matches, players, coaches, facilities and equipment required to support the structure. One of the key elements crucial to having an effective coaching programme is to ensure that cricket within our borough set up is well organised, effectively planned and efficiently managed. To be effective in the long term our structure needs to encompass all coaches and players within an organisational framework that best caters for the player's needs, interests and abilities.

An effective coaching programme needs to focus on the pig picture. Adopting a coordinated season focus and developing a coaching plan will help to achieve this. An essential element of an effective borough cricket programme is developing and implementing a coaching plan. Selecting the appropriate coaches and matching them to the right team is also an important part of developing an effective coaching programme. Having the right coach for each team is crucial to the ability of specific teams to fulfil their potential and ensures the programme heads in the right direction. Another key task is to make sure that all coaches are aware of their roles, the standards and expectations of the borough structure, having opportunities to share experience and swap ideas.

Our coaching plan will be a written outline of the COACHING PROGRAMME for the season. It provides a broad overview of the season and may incorporate pre-season, during the season and end of season activities. It must take into account the facilities and equipment available for practice sessions and the ability and competitive level of the teams within our borough structure.

In addition to evaluating the effectiveness of a practice in terms of game like qualities, it is also important to assess each player's performance at practice. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS are simple measures that can be used by coaches to provide players with specific feedback on the quality of the batting or bowling performances.

Its important for players to learn to plan and prepare themselves as individuals and as a team for a match and to develop an awareness of the game and its tactics. As players progress up the player development pathway the importance of these aspects of these games increases dramatically.

Our coaching plan should be based around a set of core skills that are essential to individual and team needs as players move up the development pathway. We need to focus on fitness, fielding awareness, batting and bowling plans along with tactical skills and game management. Team work and leadership will also play a major role within our plan.

We will aim to provide an understanding of BATTING and to build an approach to batting at practice, before going out to bat, in building an innings and working to create partnerships.

To provide an understanding to the approach to bowling. To consider how to bowl at practice, plan an over, bowl in partnerships, develop situational awareness. and be able to use variatons.

Provide all players with the chance  to learn the roles of different fielding positions and explore what skills are required in these positions.

To provide all players with the opportunity to learn key leadership skills as part of understanding the role and responsibilities  of captaincy.