Softball Cricket

Softball Cricket

U9s Softball Cricket Tournament

Fixtures and locations to be announced in March 2018


The pitch: 19 yards long. The ball: 4 3/4 ozs (kwik). Each team shall comprise 8 players. Innings to be of 8 overs.

 Each team starts with a score of 200 runs.  The batting team shall be divided into pairs Each pair shall bat for 2 overs.

Batters shall have unlimited "lives" but each "life" shall result in 5 runs being deducted from the total. No batter who is out shall face the next ball. Batters shall change ends at the fall of each wicket except if a wicket falls from the last ball of an over.

 All players except the wicket keeper must bowl and no player may bowl more than one over more than any other bowler.

 Wides and No Balls shall count as two runs plus any runs scored with no extra ball added to the over except that in the final over of an innings an extra ball will be bowled for each wide or no ball in that over.

No fielder, except the wicket keeper, shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards measured from the middle stump of the striker's wicket, except behind the wicket on the off side.


Eight-a-Side cricket, each team bats for eight overs. Two overs per pair. Batter's change ends when they are dismissed. Start with two hundred runs. Batters shall have unlimited lives but each life shall result in five runs being deducted from the score.

All players bowl one over. Players may bowl underarm (1 bounce before the batter - otherwise a no-ball).

All overs are bowled from one end of the wicket.